Academic Writing

Feedback on My Desk

A few posts ago, the scholarly writing class was imitating Warland’s table. It was a great exercise and just like the rest of this class, I thoroughly enjoyed. The feedback from everybody in the class is shown below (identities concealed).

But (and you knew there had to be one didn’t you?)… I have no idea how accept any kind of compliment or praise. Everybody says nice things to each other, the work in this class is genuinely very high standard, but I have never been able to handle anybody telling me my work is good. I brush it off, or I make some smart-arse remark.

Anything I do is acceptable, unless I’m told it isn’t. The latter doesn’t happen often, but when it does I damn well correct it, but to be told something is good? Nah, it’s alright I suppose… I’d love to know how to get past that.

Anyway, here’s the feedback, if any of you read this, thanks so much…

Comment 01


Comment 02


Comment 03


Comment 04


Comment 05


Comment 06


Comment 07


Comment 08


Comment 09


Comment 10




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