Academic Writing

Scholarly Writing in Education

From this point on, I’m going to be referring to this as academic writing. I’ve taken this course because, well, anybody that writes should always make the effort to improve… and my wife reckoned it was a great course. She loved it, and I loved reading her stuff as she worked through it.

Follow my posts as I produce this, my commonplace book. Make comments, there’s no point in writing if nobody reads what you write.

Academia Here I Come

Scholarly Writing in Education 

This course will explore scholarly writing within the field of education. Throughout, students will engage in short writing activities designed to create a basis of strong writing skills, including multigenre work through narrative and poetic writing, and autobiography/memoir. Students will also learn close reading techniques in order to identify exemplary writing practices. Students will be encouraged to experiment with different forms of scholarly writing with the goal of writing a publishable paper in their area of research by the end of the course. The course will be structured as a writing group where students will not only be responsible for their own work but will read other students’ writing, engaging in considered and thoughtful critique.

Course Objectives

  1. To develop habits of concentration and notice;
  2. To extend student participation in the “conversation” of writing;
  3. To develop and extend academic writing skills;
  4. To develop connections between different writing genres and academic writing;
  5. To teach writing practices using multiple genres to increase flexibility of expression;
  6. To teach close reading practices to develop “reading like a writer” skills.


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