Academic Writing

A First Class First Class

TangerineSo, Jos Van Riswick I am clearly not. His version of a Still Life with Tangerine does make mine look a bit silly, but I don’t reckon he could have picked out his tangerine from a dozen or more in Prof. Luce-Kapler’s shopping bag.

The point being, that in our first academic writing class, the Prof. got us to sketch our assigned tangerine from different angles—different perspectives. We made observations and paid attention to detail. Then we described that detail in our drawings.

Later, we had to locate our tangerine amongst a dozen or so others, based upon our drawings and those aspects we had thought important enough to record.

I think I found mine. I think I recognized it from its’ star -shaped stalk and slightly off-round shape. I’m not completely certain, but I think I got it. Like the point of the exercise, be observant. Record what’s important.

I’m sure somebody else has said this before me, I had thought that it was Noel Coward or Oscar Wilde, but I can’t find anything that supports my assertion; anyway, regardless, I like the line: “Writing is like painting a picture with words.”

If your reader doesn’t see the picture you intended, then something needs to be changed.

If you can’t find your tangerine, go back to the drawing board.

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